Shark Tank
A Kate's Mystery Books Selection

Tom O'Neill

Joe Macuszak and George Whitcomb are just weeks away from retirement with full pay from the Camden, NJ police department when they catch a bad case. Someone has shot up a drug house, made off with $100,000, and left five dealers dead. He also, helpfully, left his business card behind: James Sullivan, Attorney at Law. But James is no ordinary attorney. He’s a vigilante killer who is single-handedly cleaning up the seamy underbelly of the country: the drug dealers, arms peddlers, and those that work with them.

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Perfect Sound Forever
The Story of Pavement

Rob Jovanovic

With just one album under their belt Pavement were already one of the most distinctive and original bands of the 1990s—equally the product of the post-punk underground and years of left field rock fandom. They brought melody and intelligence to the table, but in a manner that was far more erudite, and more laid back, than their contemporaries.

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Blood Red Blues
Teddy Hayes

Harlem is more than just a neighborhood, it’s a state of mind and a way of life. It’s a city within a city, a world within a world. It’s history, religion, music, poverty, language, literature, style, all combined.

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The Wrong Doyle
Robert Girardi

Welcome Me Hearties! Follow the REAL adventures of dastardly, dashing, notorious Pirate Doyle!

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In Your Face
A Kate's Mystery Books Selection

Scarlett Thomas

“They were talking animatedly, then moving off to the left where I could no longer observe them through the sitting room window. It was going to be today: the day that we would finally meet. She had the letters I’d sent to Jessica; I saw them scattered on the table. Clever girl. If she had one ounce of intelligence she would soon be onto me. But I wasn’t worried about that, because I was going to kill her.”

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A Kate's Mystery Books Selection

Shelly Reuben

"What seemed from the ground like a neat package that, at worst, had been subjected to some smoke and char was in fact Diablo’s House of Horrors, enclosed in a blue Tiffany box and positioned on top of the perfect dream house."

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Nina FitzPatrick

"Daimons are not demons. Demons are nefarious creatures that skulk and rage in the dark. Daimons are radiant beings that impart a pattern to people, animals, plants, and places."

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Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams
M.J. Simpson

Don’t panic! Pack your towel, pour yourself a pan-galactic gargle blaster, and take off on a wild, no-holds-barred tour of the life and career of Douglas Adams, creator of the phenomenally successful Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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provinas patches

A Kate's Mystery Books Selection

Marcos M. Villatoro

Sometimes the plans are simple. This time Bobby needs few supplies: rope, a pit, duct tape, and a dog. A sense of place. Technique. Actors. This is how he sets it up, in his mind, before anything takes place. He sees it clearly before anything has been done. He must begin with the character, for the character is the reason.

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Sex in the South
Suzi Parker

The American South is a land of intrigue and mystery. To those who have never tasted her personally, a mention of the South often conjures Hollywood visions of debutante balls, hoop skirts, and a faint whiff of brimstone emanating from the pulpit.

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Wild East: Stories from the Last Frontier
Edited by Boris Fishman

"The idea of Eastern Europe as an outpost is both obsolete and uniquely timely, both a historical artifact at a museum exhibit and the headline of the morning newspaper.

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White Male Heart

By Ruaridh Nicoll

Deep in the isolated wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, two childhood friends find themselves at a crossroads.

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Blue Note Records
The Biography

By Richard Cook

Blue Note Records is more than just a label. It is the heart of jazz.

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The Repo

Bill Eidson
A Kate’s Mystery Books Selection

Ex-DEA Agent Jack Merchant is living out his precarious retirement on the docks of Charlestown, Mass., surrounded by the revenge-minded dealers and punks he used to put away.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Modern Movies on DVD and Video

By James Berardinelli

ReelViews, based on the popular film site reelviews.net, is unlike any other movie guide on the market.

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Dead Clever
A Lily Pascale Mystery

By Scarlett Thomas

Meet Lily Pascale, London party girl and brash young thing, who throws in the towel on her job, her boyfriend and her London flat to move back to the wild coast of Devon.

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Gin: The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva
The Eighteenth Century Gin Craze

By Patrick Dillon

The London of Johnson and Boswell, of Henry Fielding and William Hogarth, was bursting with energy, enterprise and risk. It was also deeply mired in one of direst drug epidemics the world has ever seen.

"A highly detailed and immensely engaging chronicle."—Publishers Weekly, November 4, 2002

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The Hired Gun

By Matthew Branton

Hard edged, fast paced literary noir from the author of The House of Whacks. In middle age John Decker is a man at the height of his powers and the top of his profession. He is cool in the most heated negotiations, calculating under pressure. He’s a contract killer, the best there is, possibly the best there ever was.

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The White Trilogy
Three complete novels

By Ken Bruen
A Kate’s Mystery Books Selection

Here are your poor, your tired, your hungry; your predatory crack dealers, your arsonists and rapists; your killers for money, for revenge, for enforcement, and for sheer ugly fun.

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