Scarlett Thomas, author of Dead Clever, wins the 2002 Elle Style New Writer Award

London  |  September 18, 2002

Scarlett Thomas, the author of the Lily Pascale mystery series, was awarded the 2002 Elle Style New Writer Award at a gala celebration at London's Natural History Museum. While Scarlett was unable to attend, her London agent, Simon Trewin, took the stage on her behalf. Below is an excerpt from his report on the proceedings:

Simon: To say it was surreal is an understatement. When the boy band BLUE arrived on stage to present the award for Music Stars of the Year toThe Sugarbabes, I realized this was no low-key event. When Kylie accepted Woman of the Year live from Paris via videolink, I began to finger the scrap of paper in my pocket a little more urgently. When Joely Richardson auctioned off a pair of rather lovely pants for £600, I began to sweat. (Well, who wouldn't!) But finally the moment was upon me. The rock'n'roll music blared, Scarlett was live via my mobile phone, and I stormed the stage rather nervously to stand in front of 500 people, a large pink lit dinosaur and a bank of photographers and TV cameras to have my moment. And what a moment it was.

Brian Dowling and Jo Wiley hand me the award, I do some kissing and then croak away.

"Hello Cleveland." (Sorry, I made this bit up.) Really now...

"I have no voice at all, apologies. Scarlett will be absolutely thrilled to receive the wonderful award, she really will. We are all so pleased with everything that Elle are doing to promote young talent in the UK. This is so important in this current climate. Thank you so much. This is brilliant."

OK, this wasn't exactly the Gettysburg Address, but it beat the Sugarbabes: "Er...we'd really like to fank our fans. We didn't know we was nominated 'til we was in the limo. Fanks."

I bounced back to my seat drunk with the adrenalin of Scarlett's success and then talked to her a bit on the phone. Actually, I feel pretty emotional writing this. I am so proud of her and what she has achieved. I was honored to stand in for her (a once in a lifetime experience, truly) but part of me wishes she could have been there herself to bask in the glory. She is the Elle Style New Writer of the Year and I feel like the proud father. Bless her.


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