None of your beeswax: Suzi Parker in the Oxford American

The Oxford American  | March / April 2003

Byline: Uncle Art, The best gossip from the best sources.

"None of your beeswax: News that journalist Suzi Parker just soldher book, Sex in the South, to Justin, Charles & Co. reached Uncle Art as he was in the middle of a demanding set of calf raises with his personal trainer DelNorte. Ms. Parker, perhaps best known for her article "Genie in a Bottle," a hip bit of journalism-verite about the aphrodisiac drink Niagra, believes the fear of eternal damnation makes Southerners "outwardly prim but privately pornographic." She plans to put her journalism experience to pleasant, if not noble purpose, chronicling "erotic practices" in several states. Uncle Art is sure that Ms. Parker will, as she plans, "open new windows" into the South's "dueling allegiances to piety and purience"; though, as a good Southerner, raised not to talk about his particulars or the things that he finds to do with them, he hopes that she leaves a few windows closed, giving the steam a place to collect."


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