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Wild East: Stories from the Last Frontier

Edited by Boris Fishman

Justin, Charles & Co.
Fiction/Anthology, 304 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
$24.95 cl., ISBN: 1-932112-15-4

"The idea of Eastern Europe as an outpost is both obsolete and uniquely timely, both a historical artifact at a museum exhibit and the headline of the morning newspaper. It’s obsolete because the business of statecraft — and the statecraft of business — has usurped the fluster of revolution, and the talk today is of garbage pickups instead of gulags, democratic debate instead of dissidents. But it’s timely because, for all the distinctions between the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the liberation experience of the latter offers invaluable lessons."

— From the Introduction by Boris Fishman

Wild East: Stories From the Last Frontier is a unique and timely anthology of great writing about one of the most fractious, mercurial, maladjusted and misunderstood corners of the globe in a generation. Eastern Europe since 1990 has been a crossroads of iron rule, cowboy commerce, old hatreds and new licentiousness. In other words, a place where literature thrives, as it does in the wake of all great upheavals. Wild East collects the most urgent dispatches from some of our most gifted cultural correspondents. Drug-addled New Russians preaching business-speak and "empowerment" on Nevsky Prospect. A curious and pressing need for a Parisian blowtorch in the fields of fire in Sarajevo. The romantic assignment of a particularly fetching Czech intelligence officer. These are the subjects of Wild East, a lusty and raucous anthology of stories about the bohemians, danger junkies, and thrill-seekers reveling in the cultural, social, political and sexual renaissance that followed the fall of the iron curtain. Twelve of today’s best young writers, including Arthur Phillips, Gary Shteyngart, Aleksandar Hemon, Charlotte Hobson, Paul Greenberg and John Beckman brilliantly explore the proposition "Prague in the 90s was like Paris in the 20s." With a dozen new and selected stories, Wild East showcases fresh and fascinating work by some of the brightest young literary lights writing today.


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