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The White Trilogy

Three complete novels
By Ken Bruen
A Kate’s Mystery Books Selection

Kate’s Mystery Books/Justin, Charles & Co.
Paperback, Fiction/Mystery, 416 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
$14.99, ISBN: 1-932112-02-2

Here are your poor, your tired, your hungry; your predatory crack dealers, your arsonists and rapists; your killers for money, for revenge, for enforcement, and for sheer ugly fun. The neighborhoods of Southeast London are the kind of place where the most hardened, brutal criminals are treated like Robin Hood, where a snitch is likely to get cooked alive, where even the pit bulls better travel in pairs. It’s the place R&B call home. Chief Inspector Roberts and Detective Sergeant Brant are obverse sides of the same tarnished coin. Roberts is cool, calculating, cerebral and deadly. Brant is a thug, bad as any of the hard case crooks, but with his own unshakeable code. In The White Trilogy, Ken Bruen’s jagged, brilliant tour of London noir, they come up against some of the worst. A sadistic gang who hang crack dealers from lampposts; Fenton "The Alien," who leads Brant on a deadly chase through London, New York, San Francisco and Acapulco; and Tommy Logan, a ruthless lowlife with social aspirations and no compunctions about dealing out brutal death. The White Trilogy is a potent epic of death and redemption, love and betrayal, and the thin line between chaos and the rule of law.

"If Martin Amis was writing crime novels, this is what he would hope to write."
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Ken Bruen is the author of many acclaimed crime novels published in Great Britain and Ireland (more).

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