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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Modern Movies on DVD and Video

By James Berardinelli, with a foreword by Roger Ebert

Justin, Charles & Co.
Film/Reference, 752 pp., 7 1/4 x 9 1/4
$21.99 pb., ISBN: 1-932112-06-5

ReelViews, based on the popular film site reelviews.net, is unlike any other movie guide on the market. Instead of the usual cumbersome, encyclopedic histories of film offering a "star-and-a-sentence" overview of every movie ever made, ReelViews gives full-length reviews of only the best 1,000 movies from the 90's and beyond. It's like taking all the best films from the "New Releases" shelf at your favorite video store from the last ten years. Even better, ReelViews is organized by movie category, the way people really use the video store. From Action-Adventure to Comedy, Dramas to Westerns, you can read full reviews of all the movies you really want to see - and only the movies you really want to see. ReelViews is the ultimate movie lover's guide to the video store.

"James Berardinelli stands above the crowd. He is opinionated, well-informed and a good writer of literate, intelligent reviews. ReelViews is the best review on the net."
Roger Ebert

James Berardinelli's movie review website reelviews.net logs over 850,000 visitors per month. He lives in Philadelphia (more).

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