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Perfect Sound Forever
The Story of Pavement

By Rob Jovanovic

Justin, Charles & Co.
Nonfiction/Music , 208 pp., 7 x 9
$19.99 pb., ISBN: 1-932112-07-3

“[Stephen Malkmus of PAVEMENT] is the Grace Kelly of Rock.”—Courtney Love

“With just one album under their belt Pavement were already one of the most distinctive and original bands of the 1990s—equally the product of the post-punk underground and years of left field rock fandom. They brought melody and intelligence to the table, but in a manner that was far more erudite, and more laid back, than their contemporaries.

If the odd chord didn’t quite hit the mark here or there, then what the heck, just get on with the song anyway. The off-kilter arrangements, the twisted melodies, the unpredictable stops and starts and the impenetrable walls of static all fused together to give Pavement a unique sound. Many tried to copy it but few made the grade.” —Perfect Sound Forever

From their inception as a distorted lo-fi pop duo out of Stockton, California, to their mid-career re-incarnation as a five-piece slumberpop beauty machine, Pavement were a leading force in the indie art-rock music scene of the late 1990s. Perfect Sound Forever is British music journalist Rob Jovanovic's engaging profile of the band and their quirkily dark, melodic sound and cryptic, mirth-filled lyrics. Lavishly illustrated and presented in resplendent two-color, Perfect Sound Forever is the only book to be written with full co-operation of all the band members. Original, eccentric, consistently tagged “Noise-rock's premier sing-along band”—Pavement refused to offer a coherent blueprint for success.

In Perfect Sound Forever Rob Jovanovic immerses himself in this glorious confusion, bringing together the stories of the people who were there as it happened.

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