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White Male Heart

Ruaridh Nicoll

Justin, Charles & Co.
Fiction, 336 pp., 6 1/4 x 9 1/2
$24.95 cl., ISBN: 1-932112-04-9

Deep in the isolated wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, two childhood friends find themselves at a crossroads. Aaron and Hugh have been hunting wildlife together ever since they were big enough to shoulder their rifles and stalk the rutting stag. Bound by an affinity for their natural surroundings, they find themselves increasingly alienated from the remote community in which they live. When a stranger arrives and drives an emotional wedge between them, the violence that is endemic within the land begins to infect them.

Dark, visceral, yet beautifully written with a wonderfully brooding sense of place, White Male Heart is a powerful and shocking first novel that delves deep into the male psyche. Ruaridh Nicoll is an exceptional new literary voice.

"Brutal and beautiful... the quality of observation is breathtaking."
Val McDermid

"This is a novel of startling originality, an absorbing psychological thriller as well as a deft portrayal of friendship and betrayal."
The Times, London

Ruaridh Nicoll was raised in the Highland county of Southerland. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland (more).

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