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In Your Face
A Kate's Mystery Books Selection

Scarlett Thomas

Kate's Mystery Books/Justin, Charles & Co.
Mystery, 264 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
$24.95 cl., ISBN: 1-932112-08-1

“They were talking animatedly, then moving off to the left where I could no longer observe them through the sitting room window. It was going to be today: the day that we would finally meet. She had the letters I’d sent to Jessica; I saw them scattered on the table. Clever girl. If she had one ounce of intelligence she would soon be onto me. But I wasn’t worried about that, because I was going to kill her.”

Following the success of Dead Clever, comes the second Lily Pascale mystery from Justin, Charles & Co., and Kate’s Mystery Books. In In Your Face the action moves from rural Devon to fast-paced London. Lily receives a troubling phone call from Jess, an old university friend who she hasn’t seen or spoken to in several years. Jess is now a journalist selling true-life stories to Smile! Magazine and has gotten herself into a spot of trouble. She has written a feature on three women who were all victims of stalking—and on the day of publication, all three women are found murdered. By the time Lily arrives in London, Jess is missing and has left behind a mysterious trail of clues.
Lily must pick her way through a confusing world of liars, cheats, and charlatans to discover the truth – but not before getting caught up in the twisting swirl of death, deceit and derangement.

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