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The Hired Gun

By Matthew Branton

Justin, Charles & Co.
Hardcover, Fiction, 224 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
$24.95, ISBN: 1-932112-03-0

Hard edged, fast paced literary noir from the author of The House of Whacks. In middle age John Decker is a man at the height of his powers and the top of his profession. He is cool in the most heated negotiations, calculating under pressure. He’s a contract killer, the best there is, possibly the best there ever was. Only now, he’s in trouble. Someone is vying for his spot, someone good enough to pull all the right strings and dance out of range. As Decker crisscrosses the deserts, truckstops, and gritty downtowns of the American west he’s forced to wonder: whose foot is on the ladder just behind him, whose hand is at the wheel of the other car on the road? And who can Decker, the consummate loner, afford to trust? In The Hired Gun Matthew Branton unravels the complex gamesmanship of survival in the face of uncertainty and betrayal. The Hired Gun is literary noir of the highest order, an existential thriller that examines the life of the contract killer in unprecedented psychological detail, mounting tension, and explosive action. www.matthewbranton.com

"Cool, hard and filmic." — British Esquire

Matthew Branton is the author of four novels published in Great Britain. He occasionally teaches surfing and skateboarding (more).


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