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The Wrong Doyle

Robert Girardi

Justin, Charles & Co.
Fiction, 400 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
$24.95 cl., ISBN: 1-932112-18-9

Welcome Me Hearties! Follow the REAL adventures of dastardly, dashing, notorious Pirate Doyle!

Tim Doyle – saloonkeeper, wanderer, womanizer, drinker – comes from a long line of restless vagabonds, extending all the way back to the notorious Irish pirate Finster Doyle, hung by the British on the Virginia coast in 1672. Down though the generations none of the Doyle’s ever seemed able to better Finster’s bad luck. Augustus Doyle, down-and-out gambler and soldier of fortune, captured by the Cubans in General Lopez’s invasion of 1851; Tench Doyle, famously ill-tempered Chesapeake oysterman, ruined in 1886; and Jack Doyle, ex-Marine, minding his own business in a Santa Monica beachfront bar in 1946, when he meets the woman of his dreams who will one day ruin his life.

Now it’s Tim Doyle’s turn at the wheel of fate, and as usual, it turns out wrong, tossing him out on his ex-wife and son in Málaga and his lover in Paris to come home to tidewater Virginia. His salt-of-the-earth Uncle Buck has died and left him a bizarre legacy: a dilapidated mini-golf course and a broken-down bar. When all the wrong people pressure him to sell out fast, Tim starts to wonder if there is something to the rumors of treasure his pirate ancestor is reputed to have left somewhere along this marshy, mysterious coast. The Wrong Doyle is an exuberant, rollicking, picaresque novel of lust, greed, historical inevitability, and putt-putt golf.

© 2002 Justin, Charles & Co. All rights reserved.