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James Berardinelli was among the first and is one of the best known online film critics. He began posting reviews to the Usenet newsgroups in 1993, when only a small percentage of U.S. households possessed an Internet connection. By 1996, when he inaguarated his website, ReelViews.net, he had already penned more than 800 reviews. Berardinelli was formally educated as an electrical engineer, a profession in which he holds an M.S., but his lifelong passion for writing, as well as a love of movies, led him to try his hand at film criticism. His work has appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times, on Playboy.com, in numerous Internet journals, and have been translated into 10 different languages. Film critic Roger Ebert has described Berardinelli as "the best of the Web-based critics" and has called ReelViews.net "one of the best movie review sites on the Web."

James on ReelViews:

ReelViews: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Modern Movies on Video and DVD is a compilation of recent, full-length movie reviews (along with a selection of perennial favorites and recognized classics). Unlike most of the popular "video guides", this book is designed not only to help would-be movie watchers determine what to rent at the local video store or watch on cable TV, but to inform and entertain as well. Certainly, the reviews presented in this book can be used as a buying/renting aid for those on the search for a way to spend an evening, but the goal is for the reviews to stand on their own as pieces of writing that can be enjoyed regardless of whether the reader has any interest in seeing a particular movie. And, since the book has been written by an average film buff rather than a professional critic on the payroll of a newspaper or magazine, they have a slightly different perspective from what is often found in the generic, "star-and-a-sentence" guides.


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